Top 14 Excuses You Don’t Want to Hear from Your IT Provider:

  1. We only promised to RESPOND within an hour, not actually work on your problem.

  2. We didn’t know your backups weren’t working.

  3. The guy that normally works on your network isn’t available so you’ll need to get our new guy up to speed.

  4. We’ll need to take your computer back with us for a few days to have a look.

  5. We can get your data back but it will take 2 weeks and $5,000 dollars.

  6. Its Microsoft’s (or Cox Communications/your phone company/your copier company) fault so call them.

  7. We’re really busy today. Maybe tomorrow.

  8. Just reboot your computer whenever that happens.

  9. It’s your fault for going to that website (or opening that email).

  10. We can’t figure it out so we’re going to wipe your hard drive and reload Windows.

  11. The CPU must be dropping bits again

  12. We know it’s the wrong part but you agreed to buy it.

  13. The reason we replaced so many things is because they all failed at the same time.

  14. Your one year old computer is slow? Looks like you need a new one.