The Modern Office: Part 1: January 2013

My wife Carrie works as a Civil Engineer in a professional office environment. She often has to go into the office on weekends to “take care of a few things”. I often ask why she just can’t work at home, to which she answers that her office just isn’t set up for that. And so she must get in the car and travel to and from the office to accomplish tasks. In this day and age, that should never be necessary.

Mobility should be a given.

Most of us use smart phones and tablets to get our email, but that’s not really enough to be able to truly work remotely. You also need access to your data and applications. In other words, you need remote access to your desktop.

A laptop is a good solution for a lot people. Combined with a docking station, it can be transformed into a powerful workstation with additional monitors and an external full keyboard. And it’s easy to set these up to securely access your business network.

But for those like my wife who only need occasional access, remote desktop fits the bill. This is the ability to remotely access your pc from any other pc or laptop. You may have heard ads for products like “GoToMyPC” which provides this service for a monthly subscription. However every Microsoft server that we sell has this capability built-in. It’s secure and can be turned off or on for any user.

So while smart phones and tablets can help you to stay “connected”, they don’t provide for true mobility. The ability to do your email wherever you are and at all times is a benefit for most people (although a curse for some). However, to be truly mobile is the ability to work wherever you are. No one should have to drive to work to accomplish a few tasks if they only involve a computer. This is a benefit that no one should be without.

A few other technology “givens” that if missing should be on your Technology New Years Resolutions:

  1. The ability to set appointments or contacts on your smart phone and have them show up on your desktop.
  2. Never having to worry about spam ever again.
  3. Freedom from all forms of malware and viruses.
  4. The ability to encrypt and password-protect any document.
  5. Virtually unlimited email mailbox sizes
  6. Automatic backups of all data to the cloud
  7. Full backups of pcs for rapid recovery

And the most important, the ability to search your data. A topic for a future article

These are some of the things that BCS believes is important for our clients. After all, the purpose of technology is to help people to perform tasks.