The Internet and the Qualitative Advantage that it Offers to Your Business

I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland. Located just south of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is a country that is completely isolated from the rest of the world. However since it is bathed in the North Atlantic current, its climate is much warmer than neighboring Greenland, often reaching temperatures in the upper 70s in the summer. And abundant power from volcanic hot ground water and electricity generated from dams make it unique and exotic to me.

I’ve never been there and I wanted to know what it was like. So I pulled up Google Maps and was amazed that Google had one of their cars travel that remote. So I used Street View to look at the cities and people of that country. When I wanted to know what a sign said, I used Google Translate to type in the letters and translate it into English. Wonderful!

I thought to myself, the internet has made my world much larger and more interesting. To be able to look at everyday life in distant countries is a blast. In fact I’ll probably never visit Iceland but in a very real sense, I feel that I have.

In fact, you can ‘walk’ down into the Grand Canyon as well. Google has built a backpack version.

The internet can provide your business or organization with many more capabilities than before, quickly and inexpensively. And it can be managed in securely and cohesive fashion with your existing server.

One great internet product for remote users - Dropbox for Business. BCS is proud to be one of their premier partners.

This is what we do well at BCS. We invest an enormous amount of time and money researching and selecting best of breed products and then integrating them into our existing solution portfolio. For the customer, it means that it just works.