Super Cool Wiz-Bang Technology that Actually Helps You

As I like to say, the purpose of computers and technology is to help people perform tasks.

Technology such as digital watches and flying cars weren't that useful. However the advent of personal computing devices has proven to be very useful. My Windows Phone is one of the most useful piece of technology I've ever owned. Tablets are also a must-have anymore.

One thing that these devices have in common is the need for wireless connectivity. Cell phone-type wireless is on alternative, although it is expensive and inconsistent in quality. For the workplace, local wireless that connects these devices to a business network is no longer an option. I do not have a single client that is without a wireless network.

This technology has been fast moving, especially compared to the mature wired networks. Communications speeds have increased 10-fold since 2003. In in the next few years, new technology that will increase another 10-fold with the introduction of the 802.11ad standard. That represents a 100-fold in a little over 10 years!

BCS has been installing wireless systems for our clients since 2003, primarily with Cisco equipment. However we've recently set up a partnership with Ruckus Wireless, which is a company that focuses exclusive on wireless technology.

Compared to Cisco, Ruckus provides the same coverage with half the number of transmitters. The cost savings are even larger when you consider that Ruckus equipment is about half the cost of Cisco, a 75% cost saving overall.

What’s more, you can deploy the transmitters without installing Ethernet cable, another cost savings.

BCS recently installed a Ruckus system at the Aguila Elementary School District. Aguila's Business Manager Gareth Williams is pleased with its performance. "One transmitter can cover about 1/3 of the school and the cost savings are substantial compared to the Cisco system we were considering"