10 Red Flags that You May be Getting Bad Advice from Your IT Company:

  1. They tell you that their antivirus software will protect you from hackers: 
    Even the best antivirus software will not protect you against today's most sophisticated cyber threats. A good IT company will provide you with world class protection that goes beyond antivirus and meets today's cyber threat landscape.

  2. They try to sell you products without explaining how they will benefit you: 
    Many IT companies LOVE to sell you new stuff, even when you don’t really need it. They should be able to easily explain how the benefit of anything they want to sell to you. It’s that simple.

  3. They never tell you what they have done: 
    Let’s face it; IT guys are not always great communicators. They become irritable when asked too many questions or are unable to explain what they’ve done in a way that is easy to understand. BCS loves solving problems for our clients and explaining exactly how we did it!

  4. They tell you that the cloud is not secure: 
    Reputable cloud providers base their reputation on the security of the data they are entrusted with. They realize that any significant data breach would irrevocably damage their business so their security measures are among the best on earth.

  5. They make it hard or impossible to work away from the office: 
    Many IT companies will only provide outdated remote technologies such VPN to allow their clients to access their network away from the office, and minimal support for mobile devices like smart phones and tables. BCS enthusiastically supports the needs of our clients to free themselves from their desks!

  6. They rarely or never introduce new products: 
    IT companies are notorious for settling on the same set of products that they’ve been offering for years because it’s easier than learning and applying new technologies. BCS constantly researches, masters, and then offers the best the IT world has to offer to our clients.

  7. They won’t offer you a fixed monthly maintenance plan or a fixed project cost: 
    IT companies that can’t provide fixed pricing either don’t know what they are doing or aren’t acting in your best interest. These companies actually profit when things go wrong! You should only consider an IT company that has your interest 
    at heart.

  8. They don’t meet with you regularly to discuss your concerns: 
    A good IT company should understand and be able to talk about your business goals and how technology can help to 
    further them.

  9. They don’t gather and present information about the health of your network on a regular basis: 
    Computer networks, or almost any technology will need to be maintained, if for no other reason than to keep it current with security fixes and new features.

  10. They tell you that cloud computing is a fad: 
    Cloud computing is now pervasive and used by every major corporation. Common cloud technologies include email, backup (mozy, carbonite), storage (dropbox), banking websites, personal productivity (icloud, google play), and various business applications.


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