Dr. Susan Ponkey

“BCS did an amazing job setting up my medical practice! I have a complex reporting system that required weeks of long distance collaboration with the vendor. I truly don't think any of the other companies that I interviewed could have handled it, but BCS installed it with ease. Everything that I requested, remote viewing of patient monitors, real time image viewing in my office, remote image viewing at home, things that other companies said would not be possible, Chris made them happen! I would highly recommend BCS for any and all IT needs!

Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics
Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Gregg Giannina

We have used BCS from the start of our new medical practice. BCS was instrumental in our start-up. At Pinnacle Perinatal Care, we have unique IT demands which BCS has always been able to handle. BCS has been reliable and always has found solutions to our particular IT difficulties. BCS is saving us almost $300 per month in electricity alone!

Pinnacle Perinatal Care
Scottsdale, AZ

Augustus Shaw IV, Esq. CCAL

We were having constant problems with viruses, lockups, slowness, and downtime. And since we could never seem to get a hold of our IT guy, I would regularly spend 2 to 4 hours a week dealing with IT problems.

We now enjoy a fast network with NO downtime or viruses.

I honestly didn’t know our computer systems could run this well. Now our computer systems help us get work done instead of being a source of frustration. It’s a relief to work with a properly performing network.

Shaw & Lines Law Firm
Phoenix, AZ

Mike Derryberry

Compass has been using BCS for our IT services since 2004. We were looking for an IT company to help us with our computer and server needs and for a company to provide support when we needed it. BCS has filled this need consistently over the years. In particular they have provided both hardware and software options for us to consider, which has helped us expand at a pace that makes sense for our situation. I have never felt like BCS was trying to push a particular brand or option and they have always been willing to work with us to find the best solution for a given circumstance. One of the most important advantages for us is the ability to call with a concern and have them respond quickly and on a schedule that keeps us operational. As a business owner who deals with a multitude of vendors it is important to have a solid working relationship with the vendor on a personal basis. I have that with BCS and feel like that has enhanced our service and our business relationship. Very solid.

Compass Cleaning Solutions
Phoenix, AZ

Gareth Williams

Aguila Elementary School has trusted BCS with our network for about 5 years now. Recently, BCS completed a major upgrade to our network for a price that was much lower than competing bids. The project went really smoothly and we experienced no down time. We view BCS as a trusted advisor. Our old company wanted us to buy a lot of equipment that we didn't need so it feels good to spend the money that BCS saved us on educating our students.

Business Manager
Aguila Elementary School District

BCS has consistently diagnosed and fixed every problem I've thrown at them, the first time.

Hospitality Career Services

Before we put in BCS’ Server Sentinel backup system, we would need several days to recovery from a major server failure. Now a full recovery takes less than an hour. We can even run our server in the cloud while waiting for repairs. And our system is backed up every 15 minutes so losing our work is a thing of the past.

This gives us true peace of mind!

Amendola Communications
Scottsdale, AZ

As most do, we have searched throughout the industry for the best possible deal when it comes to our computer system, maintenance program and supplier. BCS although not the least expensive in town we feel that dollar for dollar we get 110% return on investment when it comes to maintaining our system.

When we have a problem BCS is able to respond on very short notice which I'm sure is a concern with other providers. It seems like whenever I'm dealing with the salesperson for whatever I'm trying to purchase they always have a great sales pitch, then six or 10 months down the road I have a problem with what I thought I heard, somehow they always fall short of what they think they promised and I feel as though I was taken advantage of or misled. Man how I hate that! With BCS and Chris I always come away feeling good.

HW Johnson Concrete Construction