Changes are afoot at BCS: July 2012

I love being in the technology business because it constantly changes. Unending, relentless change. Keeping ahead of these changes; leaning, experimenting, testing, and mastering new technologies before we offer it to our customers is a significant investment, but any reputable technology company should be doing this not only as a service to its customers, but as a core reason to be in business. That is to seek out and pass along technologies that will help companies grow and prosper.

Years ago when I was in college, my computer science professor asked the class what they thought the purpose of a computer was. I don't remember what answers were shouted out but no one came up with his definition which was "to perform tasks for people". I like that definition and I think some of us in our industry lose site of that. In other words, new products and services are developed and sold without considering how it might benefit our customers, or if the benefits truly outweigh the costs (remember Iridium Cell Phones, the Apple Newton, or Microsoft Vista?).

So far this year, BCS has added three great products to our portfolio:

  1. BCS Secure Hosted Exchange: Cloud email based on Microsoft Exchange.
  2. BCS Web Defender: Protection against malicious and undesirable websites
  3. ESET: Business-class antivirus

And we plan on a number of huge product announcements before the end of the year.

With these new products, many of them Cloud-based, we are able to provide the highest performance, most secure, and most cost-effective solutions for our clients. It's no longer necessary to install large, expensive, and power-hungry equipment. Our solutions combine effective cloud products with high-performance onsite equipment. It's the best of both worlds.

I take a lot of pride in seeking out and delivering the best available technology to our clients. The advancements in security, features, performance and price over the last 5 years is stunning to me and is hopefully exciting to our clients.

Finally, BCS would like to welcome three new clients:

  1. FIT Technologies
  2. Pegasus Utility Locators
  3. AZ Hors D' Oeuvres

Never a dull moment. I love it!