BCS has been installing wireless systems for our clients since 2003, primarily with Cisco equipment. However we were one of the first companies in Arizona to partner with Ruckus Wireless, which is a company that focuses exclusive on wireless technology.

Compared to Cisco, Ruckus provides the same coverage with half the number of transmitters. The cost savings are even larger when you consider that Ruckus equipment is about half the cost of Cisco, a 75% cost saving overall.

And although they are a new company, they were recently named as the fastest growing Wi-Fi supplier within the worldwide market for enterprise wireless by technology research specialists Gartner.

The Smart Wi-Fi Antenna Technology That Steers Signals to High-Quality Paths.

Wireless Systems TampeFor greater speed, fewer errors, and instant bandwidth delivery, BeamFlex offers first-of-its-kind Adaptive Antenna Technology that maximizes signal coverage, throughput, and network capacity. It delivers MIMO benefits to 802.11a/b/g/n devices, to further increase MIMO diversity gain and maximize spatial multiplexing potential—at minimal cost.

BeamFlex consists of a smart, compact antenna array with multiple elements, which can be combined in real time to form unique antenna patterns. The advanced BeamFlex system software continually learns the environment with all its hostilities and interference sources, including disruptive RF conditions, numerous communicating devices, network performance issues, and application flows. Then, it selects the optimum antenna pattern for each communicating device in real time, while actively mitigating interference and minimizing noise to nearby networks and devices.

BeamFlex offers:

  • Over 3X increase in performance and range
  • 8X expanded coverage
  • Stabilized wireless network performance, for picture-perfect video streaming and crystal-clear voice communications
  • Maximized power efficiency
  • Interference mitigation

Unlike omni-directional antennas that radiate signals in all directions, BeamFlex directs transmit energy towards the best path to the receiving device. And unlike fixed-positioned directional antennas, BeamFlex dynamically configures its "beam" on a per-station, per-packet basis, to achieve omni-directional coverage.

What’s more, you can deploy the transmitters without installing Ethernet cable, another cost savings.