IT Horror Stories

Company: Phoenix Utility Locating Service

Situation: A Big Expensive Server that No One Knew How to Maintain

This utility locating service is a reputable small business that has been doing a great job for their customers in Phoenix since 1994.

When they needed to upgrade their technology, they were sold a large, expensive, energy hog of a server. What’s more it was loaded with exotic software that could only be maintained by the company who built it.

There were constant problems. Missing files, missing emails, spam, viruses and spyware. Calls for support were a nearly daily occurrence. However, the employees that worked at their IT support company weren’t the easiest people to talk to. They gave complicated answers to simple questions. And they were hard to get a hold of.

Worst of all, the server was temperamental and eventually crashed.

This company had to pay a whopping $2300 to retrieve their data from their corrupted “raid” drives.

This could have been avoided if their data was backed up but their IT Company never bothered to set that up either. Instead they had to wait weeks for an out-of-state data recovery company to get their data back.


Our Solution: A low-powered, quiet, and compact mini-server

BCS installed a new Microsoft based mini-server that is compact, quiet, and uses very little electricity. This server was installed with the most popular software in the world, Microsoft Windows.

For their email, we set them up with cloud-hosted Microsoft Exchange. Exchange is the most popular and most secure business-class email system ever built. And unlike other systems that are run by search engine companies, their email is not scanned, sorted, and sold.

We also provided licenses for the latest version of Microsoft Outlook to all their users. Outlook works with all their other programs, like Quickbooks.

The server backs up all critical data to the cloud every night, automatically. What’s more, all workstations are backed up in full to the server which allows for very fast recovery times, even if a workstation gets infected or crashes.

This system is simple, solid, and easy to maintain. Pegasus is no longer held hostage to the “Geeks”.

And the best part was that there were NO upfront costs.

Company: Scottsdale Uniform Retailer

Situation: They gave everything to an incompetent IT company to put in “the cloud”

Faced with a fleet of aging PCs and Workstations, this e-commerce company decided to put everything into the cloud. They were promised by an IT consultant that the cloud would solve all of their problems and would save them a lot of money.

In this case, the “cloud” was a Dell server that the IT Company had set up in another building across town.

After spending over ten thousand dollars to convert their system, things didn’t go quite as they had hoped.

The first thing they noticed was how slow everything ran, especially Quickbooks. This was a big disappointment since almost everyone in their company used it all day long.

They still needed their old PCs to get to their cloud. Oddly, they also needed to keep their old servers on for everything to work. So their power bill was just as high as ever.

Of course since everything was in the cloud, their internet service had to be rock-solid. Any hiccup there and everyone in the office might as well kick back and relax since nothing worked when the internet was down. Unfortunately it went down at least once a month, which put them out of business for the minutes or hours that it took before it came back up.

But remember the Dell server that EVERYTHING was running on? That server melted down one day and didn’t come back up. Gone. Everything. Just like that. No desktops, data, QuickBooks, or email. And this was during their busy season. No revenue was coming in while their systems were down.

It took the better part of a week to get everything running again. And while they did get most of their data back, they couldn’t get the over $50,000 in revenue or lost customers back.

Our Solution: Use the Cloud to Make Things Faster and More Reliable, not Slower and Less Reliable

We’re a big proponent of the cloud and use it to the benefit of our clients.

Our solution here is proprietary but we can give you an idea of our approach:

  1. Low-powered server “appliance” to run Quickbooks Enterprise and other applications.

  2. Combination of onsite storage for speed and offsite storage for safety and access.

  3. Commonly available software so that any qualified IT Professional can maintain it.

  4. All workstations and laptops based on Microsoft Windows for security and speed.

  5. Microsoft Exchange email hosted in the cloud by the #1 Exchange Company.

  6. A copy of the latest Microsoft Outlook for all users.

  7. Top to bottom security solution based on the industry’s best security software and firewall.

  8. Obsolete or failing network equipment replaced with cost-effective Cisco Small Business Professional products.

  9. All workstations backed up in full nightly for fast recovery.

Best of all, we implement this for virtually NO upfront cost.

To be clear, we think the “cloud” is a great solution for most companies, when properly implemented. Which is why we’ve been offering cloud solutions long before they were called “cloud”.