What to Look For in an IT Company

When looking for IT support for your company, there are a lot of choices in the marketplace. The dirty little secret is that the IT industry is not regulated. Anyone can call themselves an IT Professional. So how do you evaluate and select a competent IT company that you can trust with your information systems? Here are 5 things that any IT company should have before you let them touch your IT systems:

Certifications and Affiliations: They should carry multiple certifications with important IT vendors like Microsoft and Cisco.

Securing Your Wireless Network

Wireless networks are now set up in almost every small and medium business. In addition to providing employees greater mobility in the office and lowering data costs for cell phones, it’s a nice service to offer visitors to your office.

However wireless networks have a number of security risks that can seriously impact your business.

A Strategy for Passwords

Passwords are the heart of almost all digital security systems. A wide range of information, both personal and business related, are protected by this simple mechanism.

While the best password strategy is a matter of ongoing debate, we suggest the following approach:

Use long passwords consisting of 2 or more words that run together.

Why I Stopped Running

While I don't run every day, I do like to run on weekends, typically early in the morning. However last Sunday, I just didn’t feel quite right. My legs were sore and I was tired. Luckily I had arrived at a good sized hill, so I decided to hike up it and enjoy the view.