WiFi Security for Businesses

Business are relying on wireless connectivity at an increasing rate. The new 802.11ac standard can theoretically support traffic rates up to 1,000MB/s which is faster than the wired networks in most offices. The use of mobile devices has increased the necessity of supporting a secure wireless network.

Managed IT Services: Is it a Scam?

With the proliferation of IT Companies providing Managed Services, and even other companies such as copier sales and service jumping on the bandwagon, a lot of owners have asked if this is really just a scam. What is the truth behind all the hype?

Many companies take the approach of just calling for help if their computer or server breaks.

Office 365: Worthy of Consideration?

Microsoft’s latest foray into the ‘cloud’ warrants at least some degree of skepticism considering their past half-backed or outright failed attempts at building cloud-based products.

Office 365 carries the Office franchise to the cloud, displacing a collection of disparate products such as Business Productivity Online Suite, Skydrive, Office Communicator, Messenger, etc.

5 Elements that are Characteristic of Reputable IT Companies

With the myriad of IT companies in the marketplace and the abundance of hype surrounding the multitude of technologies and approaches in small business computing, including the cloud, is there any way to for a business owner to determine what solution is best for his company? Is it possible to select the best IT provider without becoming a computer expert?

In my opinion it’s possible to make an informed decision and select the solution that will provide the best competitive advantage for a reasonable cost for small and medium business.

Wireless for Business

Most people have wireless networks at home. And that’s good since most homes are not cabled for computer networks which means that a wireless signal is the only way to get internet to workstations throughout the house. In addition, wireless internet is needed for smart phones and tablets.

Are You Updated?

Everyone knows that it's important to keep your operating system updated. If you heard about the "End of Support" for Windows XP. What this really means is that Microsoft will no longer be issuing security updates and therefore XP users are vulnerable to new hacking threats.