Boring brands can succeed on social media

You may think social media is designed for exciting brands like Google or MTV. And who could blame you, as these brands both have millions of followers. Because of this, you may think there’s no place for your boring brand on social media, right? Think again. Here is one brand that’s making some noise in […]

Communication before the storm is key

When your employees see snow on the ground, the thought of a day off immediately pops into their heads. Of course your customers are still reliant on you to provide the goods and services they have come to expect from your business. Before a storm hits, you should be communicating with both staff and clients […]

Cybercriminals Now Have A Bull’s-Eye On Small Business… Is Your Company’s Data At Risk?

In a December 2014 survey by the National Small Business Association, 61% of small businesses reported being victims of a cybercrime within the past 12 months.

The average cost to recover from a cyber-attack skyrocketed from $8,699 per attack in 2013 to $20,752 per attack in 2014. And, of the businesses targeted, 68% said they’d been hacked more than once.

Technology Myths

Technology is, by its very nature, complex and often misunderstood. And we find that too often small businesses are misinformed by IT firms that either lack the knowledge they need to properly support their clients, or who put their own interests ahead of their client’s. In speaking with different clients and prospects in the valley, we find a lot of misconceptions.

Escape from California

Having developed and applied control system software my entire career, I was looking forward to my new job in California. I had accepted a position with a leading semiconductor equipment firm that specialized in metrology. Metrology is the technology, not unlike a microscope, that can examine circuits being built in production facility with extreme precision.

3 Great New Security Features in Windows 10

With the recent release of the Windows 10 technical preview, Microsoft is showcasing a new set of security features and an operating system built to withstand an increasingly hostile cyber world.

This is what we know about the security improvements in Windows 10 so far:

Active Directory integration with Azure: If you have services hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, your workstation login will give you access to all your cloud services as well.

Small world big world

I can actually recall the first time I got on the Internet. I was looking around on my Compuserv account and noticed a button that referred to something called the “internet”. And when I clicked on it, I felt like I was leaving the safety of compuserv and entering a much larger world; and I was.