The 5 top reasons why IT firms fail their clients:

Technology is critical to the smooth and profitable operation of most small and medium businesses, and I’m proud to have chosen this industry in which to advance my business life and career. I have chosen a profession that requires a desire to master multiple disciplines, a commitment to learn and understand evolving technologies, experience and sound judgement on accurately weighing the risks of any change or undertaking, and the desire to communicate effectively with the clients you are trying to serve.

3 Great New Security Features in Windows 10

With the recent release of the Windows 10 technical preview, Microsoft is showcasing a new set of security features and an operating system built to withstand an increasingly hostile cyber world.

This is what we know about the security improvements in Windows 10 so far:

Active Directory integration with Azure: If you have services hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, your workstation login will give you access to all your cloud services as well.

Small world big world

I can actually recall the first time I got on the Internet. I was looking around on my Compuserv account and noticed a button that referred to something called the “internet”. And when I clicked on it, I felt like I was leaving the safety of compuserv and entering a much larger world; and I was.

4 Things a Business Owner Must Never Do

Use a consumer grade firewall: Any business represents an attractive target for a hacker, who now employ a multitude of attacks to steal identities, sensitive information, or passwords. Since many companies use cloud services, and their employees are spending more time online, firewalls must do much more than ward off external attacks.

Too Many Wireless Access Points?

For larger buildings or in high-density environments such as schools, it’s tempting to try to solve performance problems by adding additional wireless access points. However, does this strategy actually work?

Quite often, it will not. The access points will tend to interfere with each other because they will likely be transmitting on the same frequency or frequencies that are close to each other.