Business at 35,000 Feet

As I fly 35000 feet above the ground, I’m reflecting on the fantastic training conference that I’ve just attended. While some are better than others, I almost always come away with at least one new way of looking at things, and an eagerness to improve my business and myself. It’s just not possible to get this merely by going to the office every day.

This particular conference was hosted by a leading IT consulting company that we have partnered with since 2010. Chartec is based in Bakersfield California and is a “Master MSP” which means that they provide enhanced services and products to other companies in our industry. I consider them an extension to BCS as they not only build custom products to our specifications, but provide industry-specific training. They also have their own IT company that serves the Bakersfield California area.

Every industry has it’s ‘tribe’ – those who have the same challenges and outside forces to confront. As they say, no one is an island and it make sense to learn from others and to help them out, even if they are sometimes competitors. In the end, this helps our industry in general and improves our ability to serve our clients. Technology in particular changes very rapidly, perhaps faster than any other industry, and no company can keep up without talking to and partnering with others. No one.
Often when I attend these types of events, I might get one or two great ideas, which will make the whole trip worthwhile. In this case my mind is swimming with new ways to make BCS a better company.

Here’s one:

Provide free equipment rental for your clients. Starting now we will provide workstations and LCD projectors for free temporary use for our SecurePro clients. If they need a projector for a high-level presentation or a couple of workstations for temporary works, we’ll deliver and set them up for free.

Great ideas such as this always come about when I’m able to step back and look at my business “rom ’35,000 feet”.