Everything is Built for a Purpose

The other day I was trying to fix my daughter’s floor lamp and needed new fasteners. I wasted a fair amount of time before I discovered this fact: light fixtures use their own type of nuts and screws. The standards that the everything else uses aren’t compatible. It made me think about the fact that everything is built for a purpose.

For example, a minivan is built to move families but a sports car is built for driving pleasure. Commercial jets are built to transport a lot of people vast distances but jet fighters are built to defeat enemy fighters and deliver bombs. And there are purpose-built shoes for just about everything you can imagine: walking, hiking, running, tennis, boxing, basketball, football, weightlifting, and crossfit. Almost every sport has it’s own shoes.

As I’ve written before, I treasure Sunday mornings because that is when I run. When I leave my house (usually around 6am), it’s dark and often cold. The streets are empty and it’s rare to see anyone else. I can hardly see but I know where I’m going.

And it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.

And yet, I don’t think I could do it without music. Always on whenever I run, it relieves the boredom. But more than that the combination of running and music, physical and emotional, elevates each other.

To make this possible, two things are needed: an ipod nano and high quality wrap-around ear buds. A smart phone is not a good choice: too big, too heavy and too expensive if you fall and break it. And an ipod nano weighs next to nothing, fits in your pocket, and is relatively inexpensive.

Likewise, headphones are too big and heavy. Earbuds are better, but most aren’t suitable for running. Conventional earbuds, like Apple’s, will cause ‘cord noise’ from the dangling cord pulling on the earpieces. No, you need the type that wrap around the ear to solve this. Westone makes an excellent product for running.

Without these two products, the experience of running-with-music isn’t practical.

With Windows 8 and now Windows 10, Microsoft has created an operating system that looks and works the same on smartphones, tablets and PCs/Laptops. While this is beneficial for Microsoft, it does not server the user well in my view. A tablet is not a PC and the speed of using a keyboard and mouse contrasts with the convenience of a touch panel interface. These are different devices that serve different purposes.

When we acquire a new client, we often find that they are using products that are not suitable for a business environment. For example, firewalls and wireless network devices that are built for home use perform poorly in a business environment. Why? Because home users typically use facebook and Netflix. Business users use powerful line of business applications, integrated cloud solutions, and desktop productivity applications like Microsoft Office all day long and usually side by side. Performance and security considerations in particular are quite different.

The purpose of a business network is to increase productivity and thus revenue and profits. The purpose of a consumer network is entertain, educate, and perhaps ecommerce to individuals. For example, a consumer probably wouldn’t want a dual monitor setup, but many business users benefit from this setup.

The right products often make the difference between a productive, reliable, and secure business environment and one that is prone to outages, viruses, and data loss.

BCS has built our reputation on the ability to build computer networks that meet our client’s needs. If your technology is not working to your satisfaction, I invite you to give us a call.