The New Star Wars Movie and Your Network

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, picks up the story of our favorite characters years after Return of the Jedi episode. This installment describes a new threat to freedom called the First Order. Formed from the remnants of the old Empire, the “Order” once again rises to threaten freedom in the universe. The Resistance (formerly the Rebel Alliance) provides the last line of defense against this evil and is the natural home of the Jedi knights. We are reacquainted with the original characters and are introduced to new ones. The baton gets passed to a new generation to continue the never ending struggle.

And here on earth, in the present time, we can see battles unfold that aren’t so much different than those in Star Wars. Farfetched? How about the ongoing and never ending battle between your network security and the hackers? There are forces out in the far reaches of this world that are actually trying to steal whatever is valuable to you AND destroy your network. There are companies (syndicates really) in Russia and China that are wholly in the business of cybercrime. It is a very large worldwide industry.

The sobering fact is cybercrime can never be eliminated. Just like in Star Wars, cyber threats once defeated are replaced by different ones. Just as Darth Vader has been succeeded by Kylo Ren, new cyber criminals will arise. And they will have new ideas on how to steal your data, identity, and your money.

According to the network security company Sophos, The University of Kent’s 2014 Survey on Cyber Security found that 1 in 30 has had their system hit by CryptoLocker (which encrypts your data and then demands payment in exchange for the ‘key’ to reverse the encryption). Of those affected, 40% end up paying the “ransom”. And according to McAfee The first quarter of this year saw a 165 percent increase in new ransomware driven largely by the new, hard-to-detect CTB-Locker ransomware family, a new ransomware family called Teslacrypt, and the emergence of new versions of CryptoWall, TorrentLocker and BandarChor.

What this means is that the security system your company relied upon last year is ineffective against current threats. This is the harsh reality of today’s interconnected world.

And what motivates cybercriminals? To answer this, you might ask why anyone would want to join the dark side. Because it’s easier.

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