Would You Put Bicycle Tires on Your Car?

On occasion I get a question from a client on a “great deal” they saw on a computer or laptop at Best Buy. The PC you use at work does the same thing as the one you use at home so why not buy the cheapest available?

This logic seems sound but there’s a few reasons why it doesn’t hold up.

Firstly the Microsoft operating system that you see at the store is the home version. The one that you use at your business is their Professional version which has a number of features essential to most businesses including the ability to part of the overall company security umbrella and the ability for remote access.

Also, you use these machines differently. At home, you may browse the internet, check your webmail, or perhaps play a game for a few hours a day. At work, you will often have multiple browser tabs and programs running all day long. A PC at work gets a lot more use.

Finally, a broken PC at home is inconvenient. At work it can affect the bottom line. Business PCs need to reliable and easily repaired with readily available, standard components. PCs for the home are usually cheaply made with custom parts to cut costs. Often these parts must be sourced used on ebay and can take days to be shipped.

At BCS, we provide business-class PCs constructed from reliable and standard components; never proprietary. We provide lifetime parts and labor replacement for any client on our BCS SecurePro Complete service. We understand mission critical and ensure that your business is not held back by improper technology solutions.

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