3 Great New Security Features in Windows 10

With the recent release of the Windows 10 technical preview, Microsoft is showcasing a new set of security features and an operating system built to withstand an increasingly hostile cyber world.

This is what we know about the security improvements in Windows 10 so far:

  1. Active Directory integration with Azure: If you have services hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, your workstation login will give you access to all your cloud services as well. You won’t need your Microsoft account for this any longer.
  2. Two-factor authentication: To prevent hacking and data breaches, Microsoft is building two factor authentication into Windows 10 and this will work on any device. So in order to break into someone’s account, a hacker will need their password and a security code to authenticate the device.
  3. Data Loss Protection (DLP): Windows will have DLP built-in, and it will be able to distinguish personal and corporate data. Companies will have the option of encrypting all coporate data, applications, and email on the mobile device.

Windows 10 is scheduled to be shipped mid-next-year. At this point, it’s looking like a serious contender to supersede Window 7 for the business desktop.

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