What I Learned on a Ski Trip

Recently I took my family skiing at Sunrise ski resort in eastern Arizona. Even though it’s getting warmer in the valley, there’s usually plenty of snow and great skiing throughout March. And it’s late in the season so the lines are much shorter. Of course this year snowfall has been lacking so our expectations weren’t that high but since we’ve never been to Greer before, we thought it would be nice to visit.

When we arrived, the snow was gone; a terrible year for skiing in fact. But incredibly it began to snow the next morning. It snowed hard. So hard that we couldn’t make it to the ski hill. So we were stuck at our cabin. It was a warm, log-cabin style building with rustic furniture and a fireplace, perfect for a weekend getaway. But one thing it did not have was an internet connection.

Our kids, who grew up in the age of the internet found themselves without access to the virtual worlds that they live much of their lives in. They had to interact with the real world, and each other. While it was tough for them at first, they were soon throwing snowballs, building snowmen, and reading books.

They left their virtual worlds behind and became reacquainted with the real world; if only for a weekend.
The next day the clouds had cleared and the skies were blue. The forests became white cathedrals and the ski hills became winter wonderlands. How fortunate we were.
As I was driving back home, my thoughts drifted back to BCS. It occurred to me that to work on my business often means that I need to be physically removed from my office. Training, seminars, or trade shows all help me to think about improvements that I can make to BCS. These events also help to provide ideas and relationships with companies that can help me make those improvements.

The right technology can help to improve any company with productivity, security, and marketing. And with support ending for Windows XP, Server 2003, and Office 2003, companies have an opportunity to evaluate their IT systems. Those systems should productive and secure; but most importantly, they should be helping to further the goals of a company. For example, with the adoption of just a few of the wonderful new cloud technologies that are available, a business owner can free himself of traditional 9 to 5 office hours, and from his desk. This gives him the freedom to work on his business, to seek opportunities for growth, and to improve his lifestyle.
So don’t let any IT provider tell you that the cloud is not for you; that it’s unsafe, or unreliable. That advice would be wrong.

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