Why I Stopped Running

While I don't run every day, I do like to run on weekends, typically early in the morning. However last Sunday, I just didn’t feel quite right. My legs were sore and I was tired. Luckily I had arrived at a good sized hill, so I decided to hike up it and enjoy the view. Although I hadn’t planned it, it was a nice change from my usual routine. It was nice to rest, pause and reflect in the quietness of that Sunday morning.

And as I reflect on this past year at BCS, I realize just how much we’ve changed and grown.

We’ve ventured into new industries such as medical, financial, and real estate. We’ve greatly expanded our technology portfolio to include voip phone systems, website development, surveillance systems, and broadband services from major carriers including our partner, Cox Communications.

Our newest partner, Dropbox, introduced a fantastic product to businesses who need to support mobile and remote users. Dropbox for Business offers unlimited storage with user-level security, integration into existing servers, and complete control of corporate data on mobile devices. Recently, I had a chance to visit their offices in San Francisco. I sat down for lunch with Stephanie Frias, Partner Manager and we talked about their new Dropbox for Business product and their recent explosive growth. Having jumped from about 100 to 400 employees in the past year (!), Dropbox is quite serious about it’s transition from a startup to a major player in the business technology market. We’re proud to be one of their first partners in the important and fast-growing cloud storage market.

As we look to the year ahead, BCS will be focusing on 3 key areas for our clients:

Security: With cyber threats increasing in scope and severity, we will continue to evaluate new technology and bring them to you.
Mobility: Mobile devices and the ability to work anywhere are critical to most companies today. We will be focusing heavily on improving the quality, security, and ease of use of mobility-supporting technologies
Cloud: We will look to new and useful cloud-based technologies to supplement our technology portfolio to enhance your competitive position.

Finally, we’d like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a prosperous New Year.

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